Politico: EU Is Preparing New Law For NGOs

The European Union is working on a bill that would compel nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), consulting and academic institutions to disclose data on getting funding from outside the EU. Work on the document is at a very early level, reports Politico.

The newspaper claims that the foreign influence legislation in Europe is comparable to that in the United States and Australia. Both for-profit and nonprofit groups will be impacted by the document, but individuals will not be affected.

The paper is expected be finished by the end of May, Politico’s sources say. The measure was described as a sensitive topic by an unnamed representative of the European Commission. They stated that the EC is just beginning to collect data from a « wide range of stakeholders » to ensure the strategy is sound.

Politico claims that the EC sent representatives of NGOs a preliminary questionnaire regarding foreign financing. The newspaper reported that the document asked specific inquiries about money received from outside the EU. The survey’s evaluation is scheduled to be finished in April, after which the data will be used to evaluate outside impact.

source: politico.com

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