Politico: EC Expects 2.6% Return On Investment Of Frozen Russian Assets

The Russian central bank assets that have been blocked in the EU are expected to yield a 2.6% return, or roughly $300 billion, writes Politico referring a document from the European Commission.

The funds are intended to be invested in « liquid assets with a high rating, » which according to the document could result in « a significant annual return with an average of 2.6 percent. » The newspaper points out that the investment of these money could also be unsuccessful. The losses, which could total around €4 billion annually, could have electoral repercussions if they were to be recovered.

The EU leaders declared on February 15 the formation of a working group to seize frozen Russian assets for Ukraine’s reconstruction. According to Politico, there are €191 billion is in Belgium, and another €21 billion is in an unidentified EU nation.

source: politico.com

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