Polish Prime Minister Calls on EU to Create €1B Fund to Help Belarus

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki proposed the European Union to create a fund of €1 billion to support the economy of Belarus.

He made such an initiative on Thursday in Vilnius during a meeting with his Lithuanian counterpart Saulius Skvernelis.

« The fund could become very important. Important – this means that in the current situation it will allow the economy of Belarus to recover and become attractive for investors so that the Belarusian state can again take on new obligations. At least a billion euros should be allocated at this stage, » said Morawiecki at a joint press conference.

The Polish prime minister said that the EU could cooperate with the International Monetary Fund on this issue, and the EU could further open its market for Belarusian business.

Skvernelis, for his part, said that the EU should send a clear signal about greater openness towards Belarusians, but did not mention the creation of a new fund in detail. “We must send a clear signal to the Belarusians about this spreading myth that the Belarusian economy will collapse without Russia. Nothing of the kind,” the Lithuanian prime minister said.

Skvernalis drew attention to the fact that the $ 1.5 billion promised by Russia will primarily go to refinance the existing debt, and not to stimulate the economy.

“We must do what we did with other countries of the Eastern Partnership: allow people who want to see, work, live and experience the advantages of a Western democratic state. Then changes will begin in the Belarusian society,” the head of the Lithuanian government stressed.

In their joint statement, the prime ministers of Lithuania and Poland called for new free and democratic presidential elections in Belarus.

source: reuters.com

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