Poland Tightens Control At Slovakia Border Because Of Illegal Immigrants

Due to the growing flow of unauthorized immigrants, Polish border guards have strengthened transportation controls on the border with Slovakia since September 26, according to TV station Polsat.

The head of the Polish Interior Ministry, Mariusz Kaminski, declared that border guards on the Polish-Slovak border had begun inspecting buses and other vehicles that might be transporting illegal immigrants in light of the increase in the flow of migrants.

« We have already been observing an upsurge in illegal immigration along the border portion with Slovakia for a number of weeks. According to Polish Border Guard spokesperson Anna Michalska, « this number has surged nearly seven times in the southern areas of the border with Slovakia and the Czech Republic. »

The day before, Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland, suggested to the interior ministry that security be tightened at the border with Slovakia.

source: polsat.pl

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