Poland Asks European Countries To Support Baltic Pipe

Polish President Andrzej Duda has asked the Danish and Norwegian premiers for political support for the construction of the Baltic Pipe pipeline.

« An important issue for me is the problem of our gas pipeline, Baltic Pipe, which we are building. I have spoken to the Norwegian Prime Minister and the Danish Prime Minister on this topic, » Duda told reporters in Brussels after the NATO summit ended.

« I asked for political support in this case. I said that this investment is very important to us, » the Polish president said.

Earlier, the Danish Environment and Food Appeals Board had revoked the permit for the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline. According to the Board of Appeals, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s permit did not sufficiently describe the measures taken to protect the sap, wood bats and bats, which are protected under the Annex to the Fourth European Habitats Directive, during construction of the 210-kilometre-long pipeline through Denmark.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency later said that a new environmental permit could take around eight months to be granted.

A few years ago, the Polish and Danish heads of government signed a memorandum on the construction of the Baltic Pipe pipeline. According to the memorandum, the project is to be completed in 2022. It will cost about 1.7 billion euros. Of this amount, just over half will come from the Polish gas operator Gaz-System, which has repeatedly stated that it intends to import large volumes of gas through this pipeline, due to the end of the contract for Russian gas supplies to Poland in 2022.

source: reuters.com

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