Poland And France Set To Improve Relations

Roles of EU member states after Brexit need to be reviewed, said Polish President Andrzej Duda. French leader Emmanuel Macron proposed holding a summit of the Weimar Triangle with the participation of the German Chancellor.

Poland and France will build their relations with each other in a new way, while strengthening cooperation. This was agreed in Warsaw on Monday, February 3, by the presidents of these countries, Emmanuel Macron and Andrzej Duda. They emphasized the growing importance of bilateral relations after Britain left the European Union on February 1.

According to Duda, the EU needs a new « architecture ». « Roles in the EU should be redistributed, » said the Polish president. In turn, Macron proposed to hold a trilateral summit with the participation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the coming months. The last such meeting was held in February 2011.

In addition, Macron expressed concern about the judicial reform in Poland, which was initiated by the ruling party, Law and Justice. He called for increased dialogue between Warsaw and the European Commission. This reform has already been criticized by the European Commission. Brussels accuses Warsaw of systematically restricting the independence of the judiciary and violating the principle of separation of powers. In November 2019, the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg ruled that the right of the Polish Minister of Justice to arbitrarily remove judges from work is contrary to EU standards.

In addition, the French president called for strengthening Europe’s defenses. It’s not about creating an alternative to NATO, Macron said. Duda noted that Poland was interested in participating in the German-French project to create a new tank.

source: dw.de

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