Pew Research: Most Europeans trust Merkel and Macron

The population of most European countries has a positive view of the European Union, is satisfied with the authorities’ actions the fight against the pandemic, and trusts the leaders of major European countries in solving global problems. This is confirmed by a survey conducted by Pew Research before the second wave of the pandemic in nine European countries: Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, the UK and Belgium.

The survey showed that most Europeans have the greatest confidence in Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron and their methods of solving problems on a global scale. In Germany, trust in the Chancellor has increased by 7%, to 81% compared to last year, in the Netherlands – by 6% (88%), in Italy – by 6% (50%), in Spain – by (72%); in the UK (76%), the trust has reached a record level. The level of trust in the French leader increased most in Italy – by 9%, but never reached half – 35%. In Sweden, trust in the French leader increased by 6%, to 75%, and in the UK – by 9%, to 64%. Confidence in the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is significantly lower than that of the French and German heads of state. In the eight EU countries where the survey was conducted, only 36% of citizens believe that he is doing the right thing when dealing with international issues. In the UK, which has left the EU, 51% of citizens have confidence in Boris Johnson, while 64% of them trust the French leader and 76% trust the German Chancellor.

In the EU as a whole, 66% of Europeans have a positive attitude towards this block. At the same time, 73% of citizens in Germany hold this view, which is the record figure for all 15 years of Pew Research’s study on this issue. In France, this figure has improved since last year by 10% to 61%, in Spain – by 2% to 68%. In Italy and the Netherlands, it remained at last year’s level of 58% and 51% respectively, while in Sweden it dropped by 6%. Interestingly, in the UK, positive opinion of the block has increased by 6% since last year and reached a record 60%.

According to 61% of Europeans, the EU authorities are doing the right thing in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. 68% of Germans and 68% of Dutch citizens are positive about the EU authorities’ response to the pandemic. Belgians are the least (51%) positive about actions of the authorities.


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