Party of Austrian Ex-Chancellor Wins Extraordinary Parliamentary Elections

The Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) of ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz won the extraordinary parliamentary elections, according to the Austrian Interior Ministry preliminary voting data.

38.4% of the Austrians voted for the party of Kurtz.

The turnout in the elections was 60.6%, excluding pre-cast votes.

On May 29, 2019, Austrian President Alexander van der Bellen relieved the government of the country, led by Sebastian Kurtz, from the duties.

President asked members of the government to remain at the head of the ministries until the appointment of a new cabinet.

Earlier, the lower house of the Austrian parliament voted in favor of a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz and the current government.

On May 27, the National Council of Austria, in a special session, by a majority passed a vote of no confidence in Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz and the cabinet under his leadership.

Voting was conducted on the initiative of the opposition Social Democratic Party of Austria, and deputies of the Austrian Freedom Party, a member of the ruling coalition, also voted in favor of passing no confidence in the government.

Heinz-Christian Strache lost his seat in the government and resigned as party leader after a scandal in 2017 on the Spanish island of Ibiza, in connection with a video that appeared in May 2019.At the video, Heinz-Christian Strache allegedly negotiated with a Russian oligarch niece.


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