Over 3M Refugees Return From EU To Ukraine

According to Ylva Johansson, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, there are currently between 3.2 and 3.7 million Ukrainian refugees living in the EU. About 3 million of the 6.7 million Ukrainians who entered the EU have already gone home.

Following an informal gathering of EU interior ministers in Prague, Ms. Johansson stated at a news conference that 3.7 million persons had applied for asylum in the EU, while 3.5 million had returned to Ukraine.

The Commissioner stated that there was overlap because « some of those who have registered may have already returned, some may have registered twice in different EU nations. »

She noted that the influx of Ukrainian refugees in the European countries almost returned to the level of February 24, 2022, before the start of the active conflict in Ukraine.

Ylva Johansson said that the EU is working on a special plan if the situation worsens, because « it is difficult to predict what the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin will be and what the response of the Ukrainian side will be ».

source: ec.europa.eu

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