Number Of Illegal Immigrants In EU Falls By 73% In Five Years

The number of illegal residents in the EU was 557,500 in 2020, 73% lower than in 2015, when the number of illegals reached a record 2.08 million, data from the European Statistics Agency (Eurostat) show. Compared to 2019, the number of illegals in the EU fell by 11% last year.

Germany had the most illegal residents in the EU in 2020, with 117,900. Also, the leaders are France (103.9 thousand), Hungary (89.4 thousand) and Spain (72.3 thousand).

According to Eurostat, the leader of supplying illegal immigrants to the union is Ukraine – the number reaches 50,400 people. There are also citizens of Syria (45.7 thousand) and Morocco (41.2 thousand) among illegal immigrants.

Last week, Lithuanian authorities announced that the number of illegal migrants from the Middle East, who entered the country from Belarus in June, was 13 times higher than in 2020.

Baltic Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis is convinced that Belarusian authorities are deliberately diverting large flows of migrants from Iraq and Syria to Lithuania, using them as a weapon in a hybrid war.


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