Norwegian Government Sets To Increase Defense Spending

According to Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, the government plans to raise defense spending by $56 billion (600 billion kroner) during the following 12 years. He refers to the declared rise in spending as historic and cites the AP in his remarks.

It is anticipated that Norway’s armed forces would be reinforced.

« We need a defense that is fit for purpose in the emerging security situation, » Gahr Støre stated.

According to him, the government plans to spend $152 billion (1.624 trillion kroner) on defense until 2036. He added that among other things, Norway hopes to buy five new frigates and submarines during this time.

« A stronger defense will serve as a deterrent to those who intend to threaten the security of Norway and our allies, » the prime minister stated.

The government-prepared dossier notes that Norway’s tense relations with Russia are one of the factors that may be connected to these actions. The Norwegian government’s strategy will now be presented to Parliament. The idea is anticipated to be approved by coalition members in power.


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