Nightclubs are Banned in Europe Again

European countries have begun to close nightclubs due to the rising incidence of coronavirus among young people, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

« An increasing number of young people are falling ill with COVID-19. The WHO analysis showed that from February to July, the number of infected people aged 15 to 24 increased from 4.5 to 15%, » the organization’s press service said.

According to the WHO, despite the difference in indications in the regions, experts observe a constant increase in the number of cases of the disease among young people. This was the reason that the authorities of European countries began to prohibit the work of establishments where it is impossible to maintain social distance.

Italy became the first such country: after the celebration of Ferragosto on August 15, the country’s authorities decided to close all discos in the country, including open-air ones, from August 17.

In Turkish Antalya resorts, due to the threat of COVID-19, the public council has banned foam parties. In Malta nightclubs and bars are closed from 19th August.

In Germany, the clubs have been closed since spring, but the Berlin club management union Clubcomission is still awaiting 2021. However, some began to work in the open air.

According to the WHO, nearly 26.5 million cases of coronavirus have already been identified worldwide, more than 870 thousand people died.


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