Moldovan Constitutional Court Approves Referendum On Moldova’s European Integration

The proposed revisions to the Basic Law on European integration have received a favorable verdict from the Moldovan Constitutional Court. At a conference on Tuesday, the court’s Chairperson Domnica Manole stated that parliament may now discuss the matter of scheduling a referendum with the question outlined in the proposed law.

A request was submitted to the CC by 46 members of the ruling Action and Solidarity party. The proposal meets the Constitution’s standards, including the restrictions on its alteration, the court acknowledged.

The referendum’s question will be « Do you support Moldova’s accession to the European Union? » The event is scheduled for October 20.

« Declaring European integration a strategic goal of Moldova » and « reaffirming the European identity of the Moldovan people » are two new sentences added to the Constitution’s preamble, per the draft law.


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