Merkel Approves Talks With The Taliban

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that it was necessary to begin negotiations with the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in Russia), which has established power in Afghanistan, in order to continue the evacuation of people from Afghan territory.

« As for the Taliban, of course, we have to talk to them, because they are the ones we have to deal with now, » Merkel said at a press conference. According to her, Germany wants to leave the country, and remove those who have collaborated with German organizations and are now under threat. In addition, dialogue with the Taliban will allow humanitarian aid to be brought into the country.

Merkel’s words were a response to the publication of a statement by Taliban spokesman in the German media: he called for establishment of diplomatic relations between the new authorities in Afghanistan and Germany.

Earlier, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrel had announced about the possibility of a dialogue with the Taliban. According to him, the European Union will quadruple its humanitarian aid to Afghanistan if the Taliban respect human rights in the territory under their control.


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