Maduro Demands That EU Representative Leave Venezuela Within 72 Hours

EU spokesperson Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa is due to leave Venezuela soon, said President Nicolas Maduro. Thus, Caracas responded to Brussels imposing sanctions on 11 Venezuelan officials.

“I decided to give the EU representative in Caracas 72 hours to leave the country and demand respect from the EU. Enough of European colonialism and persecution of Venezuela,” President said during his speech broadcast on Twitter.

According to Mr. Maduro, an aircraft has already been provided to the EU representative. “Further we will gradually resolve issues with the European Union. If they don’t like us, if they don’t respect Venezuela, let them leave,” he added.

Sanctions imposed on senior Venezuelan officials imply a ban on their travel to the EU and freezing of their assets. Now the sanctions list includes 36 Venezuelans. “The EU will continue to work to promote a peaceful democratic settlement in Venezuela through holding of credible elections,” the EU Council said in a statement.

The political crisis in Venezuela began in January 2019 after the speaker of the National Assembly of the country Juan Guaido proclaimed himself the acting president against the backdrop of the protests that began after the inauguration of Nicolas Maduro for a second presidential term. More than 50 states considered the opposition a legitimate president. The Venezuelan Prosecutor General’s Office launched an investigation against Mr. Guaido on charges of attempting a coup.


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