Madrid Declares Alert Because Of Monkeypox Outbreak

According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, which cited papers in its possession, the Ministry of Health has issued a health alert after eight instances of suspected monkeypox were discovered in Madrid.

Genetic testing is required to confirm the observed disease. Around 30 suspected cases of monkeypox have already been identified in Spain and Portugal. Previously, many cases of the viral infection, which is uncommon in Europe, were discovered in the United Kingdom.

In the Lisbon region of Portugal, 20 suspected cases of monkeypox have been found. According to an excerpt from a Ministry of Health report, « all the instances were among men, most of them young. »

Authorities in Spain have detected eight possible cases of the smallpox-like sickness, which must be confirmed. According to AFP, most people recover from the sickness within weeks.

The WHO had previously stated that it was working with the UK to investigate the viral outbreak.


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