Macron Wants To Introduce New Minister For Energy Planning

Emmanuel Macron, France’s current president and presidential contender, said during a campaign rally in Marseille that he is considering appointing an energy planning minister to the government to assist in the transition away from fossil fuels in Paris.

This minister, according to Macron, would assist the prime minister and be in charge of making France the first big country to abandon oil, gas, and coal.

In addition, the presidential contender intends to appoint a minister to oversee territorial environmental planning.

He will be involved in the development of a more environmentally friendly transportation system, among other things.

On April 10, the first round of France’s presidential elections was place.

According to official data from the French Ministry of Interior, Emmanuel Macron, the current president, received 27.84 percent of the vote, while Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right National Front, received 23.15 percent.

On April 24, the second round will take place.


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