Lithuania To Ban Chinese Software In Construction Of Solar And Wind Farms

Chairman of the Lithuanian Energy government, Dainius Kreivys, told radio station Ziniu radijas that the government plans to forbid the use of Chinese software in the development of solar and wind power plants with a capacity greater than 100 kW.

He clarified that small-capacity power plants built by citizens of the nation are not expected to be subject to such limitations.

The minister was questioned whether Lithuania is abandoning Chinese innovations in its energy system.

« We are preparing documents so that all equipment, even in private investments, which generates more than 100 kW, cannot use any Chinese software, » he responded. « This is the intended course of action. I believe that the choices we make will result in the issue being resolved. »

The head of the Ministry of Energy emphasized that installing software created in China is already forbidden for government entities.

Despite the increasing number of local power producers, Kreivys claims that there is no threat of « excessive use » of Chinese technology at their facilities at this time.


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