Le Pen Loses Lawsuit Against European Parliament

The politician must return money allocated to pay for the work of assistants.

French far-right politician Marine Le Pen lost another trial against the European Parliament. According to Bloomberg, she was not able to challenge the decision to pay compensation in the amount of € 41,554 ($ 46 thousand) for misuse of funds allocated to pay for the work of assistants.

The EU Supreme Court has stated that Le Pen’s appeal against the decision of a lower court adopted a year ago was « partly unacceptable and manifestly unfounded. »

In June 2018, the European Court of Justice recognized the requirement of the European Parliament on Marine Le Pen to compensate for the structure of the funds spent from her funds for the salary of an assistant politician. Then there was a larger sum, which amounted to € 300 thousand. According to her, the demand was unlawful.

The trial followed by litigation started because Le Pen was convicted of paying from the funds of the European Parliament for the work of assistant politician Catherine Griset, who, as it turned out, was engaged not in EU affairs, but in internal party activities in the French National Front.

source: bloomberg.com

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