Largest Teachers’ Strike In The Country History Begins In UK

On November 24, more than 70,000 academic staff members at British universities went on strike for three days, according to the BBC. Administrators, technical employees, culinary staff, and security personnel from 19 British universities also took part in the walkout.

According to Glassdoor, the average income for teaching employees at British universities is about £31,000 per year, or roughly £2,600 per month. The administration had already committed to a 3% pay raise in August. Teachers claim that such a raise is obviously insufficient given the 8.5% average monthly inflation rate.

The University and College Union (UCU) states that faculty employees will « lose nearly 35% of their guaranteed future retirement income » as a result of the change in retirement terms. As UCU president Joe Grady explains, « Employees are just burned out, but they’re attempting to fight back. Rectors can only blame themselves for this scenario; their leadership resulted in the largest strike in our industry. Students support the educators because they understand that things cannot continue in this way. »


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