Large-Scale Data Leak Discovered in European Parliament

Data of 1.2 thousand employees and members of the European Parliament leaked into open access, Marcel Kolaja, EP vice president for IT policy told Politico.

According to him, the “large-scale data leak” affected 1.2 thousand accounts of elected officials and employees, as well as 15 thousand accounts of other experts on EU affairs. The leak also included confidential information and encrypted passwords, he added.

Kolaja did not name the political associations that were affected by the leak, but Politico has information that it is about the European People’s Party (EPP), the largest political faction in the European Parliament.

EPP spokesman Pedro López de Pablo confirmed the leak of data, including email addresses and passwords, but called them obsolete. According to him, this data was used by subscribers on the old EPP site in 2018. In 2019, the party launched a new site, the servers and the current database on which have not been affected.

« Even if people who subscribed to our website in 2018 used the same password as in their email at that time, now they are not in danger, because the system requires a complete change of passwords every three months, » – he declared.

Politico notes that the first leak was discovered in the Indian company Shadowmap, which provides services in the field of cybersecurity. Its founder told the publication that he discovered files with confidential information through an Internet portal, which is part of the domain of the website of the European Parliament and is used by its officials. According to him, the files contained information about thousands of people and their relations with political parties and institutions, including Europol, the EU external border security agency Frontex and others.


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