Kuwait Sends First Batch Of Diesel Fuel To Europe

According to information obtained by the Kuwait News Agency from the Kuwait National Oil Corporation, Kuwait has sent the European Union the first batch of diesel fuel that was produced in the nation in accordance with unique standards that satisfy the needs of European markets, primarily for the winter season.

« The first batch of diesel produced to European market norms, equal to 66,000 tons, was shipped to the European Union, » the statement reads.

The corporation commented that a number of studies at the refinery in the port of Abdalla resulted in the production of diesel fuel with unique properties that meet EU standards. The specialists were able to improve these properties, which had the advantage of increasing the company’s ability to enter international markets.

The company claims that its refinery can now manufacture this high-quality, modern diesel fuel, which is distinguished by enhanced environmental criteria.

source: kuna.net.kw

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