Johnson Says AUKUS Plans To Overtake China In Technology

A strategic partnership between Australia, Britain and the US will help catch up with China technologically, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said during a press conference.

« We need Western technology that we can rely on. But the reality is that China is ahead on some technologies, » he said.

According to Johnson, AUKUS will enable Western countries to regain leadership in some areas of technology. In particular, he mentioned cybersecurity and artificial intelligence as industries that need to catch up with China.

At the same time, the British prime minister saw nothing wrong with France being left without a submarine construction contract. He also ruled out accepting Paris into the AUKUS partnership as this, according to Johnson, would disrupt the whole logic of the strategic bloc.

In September 2021, the US, UK and Australia announced a « new security partnership », the AUKUS military alliance. The formal aim is to protect the three countries’ interests in the Indo-Pacific region. The first project will be the supply of US nuclear-powered submarines to Australia. The alliance has drawn sharp criticism from several countries, including China, which has called on its members to abandon Cold War thinking and projects that violate the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Leaders of France, which was to supply Australia with the subs, also expressed displeasure. EU authorities said they had not been warned about the establishment of AUKUS.


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