Johnson Introduces Three-Week Coronavirus Quarantine In UK

Addressing to fellow citizens, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced introduction of new measures to combat the epidemic of coronavirus, reports the BBC.

Starting on Monday evening, leaving the house is allowed only for shopping in the grocery and essential goods, physical exercises (not more than once a day, alone or with family members), for medical reasons or for traveling to work, which is recognized as vital. Gathering in public places in groups of more than two people is prohibited, an exception will be made for family members.

Shops, with the exception of those selling food and basic necessities, will be closed, as well as sports, playgrounds and religious institutions. Ceremonies are canceled, including weddings and baptisms, with the exception for funerals.

The police will monitor the implementation of quarantine measures; violators will be fined.

The UK Prime Minister noted that restrictive measures are introduced for three weeks, and assured that the government will monitor the situation and alleviate restrictions if the situation improves.

« It is vital to slow the spread of the virus. Because in this way we will reduce the number of people who need hospital care at any given moment, we will give the healthcare system the ability to cope and save more lives, » Johnson said.

6.7 thousand cases of COVID-19 were registered in the UK, according to estimates by Johns Hopkins University, 336 people died, 140 recovered.

According to the Associated Press, more than one fifth of the world’s population (over 1.5 billion people) have been ordered or strongly recommended to stay home because of the coronavirus pandemic.


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