« Je Suis Samuel »: French Hit the Streets

Members of French political parties, trade unions and various organisations went on marches on Sunday. They were demanding freedom of expression and protested against barbarism and obscurantism after a murder of a teacher of history committed by an Islamic radical.

The main action took place on Place de la République in Paris. The manifestants were shouting “Je suis Samuel (I am Samuel)” in memory the teacher who was beheaded on last Friday; they also expressed support of the country’s fundamental values. The actions were also organised in Toulouse, Lyon, Nantes, Marseille, Lille, Strasbourg and other cities of France.

There were reports about thousands of those gathered across the country despite the COVID-19 restrictions, without giving any specific figures. Several government members were noticed among the manifestants.

Charlie Hebdo magazine answered the call from the organisers of actions in memory of the Islamic terrorist’s victim. The militant attack killed 12 people and injured 11. The “Je suis Charlie” movement emerged in support of democracy and secular values.

source: reuters.com

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