Italy’s Prime Minister Complains Of EU’s Inattention To Migrants Issue

The problem of irregular migration will not go away by being « put to bed », Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said.

He noted that this crucial issue for the country was again not on the agenda of the EU leaders’ meeting.

However, Draghi thinks that the leaders of some countries, including Germany and France, are well aware of the urgency of the issue.

The EU countries can only solve the problem together, and practice has shown that EU member states must have direct obligations to accept migrants, the principle of « goodwill » does not work, the Italian prime minister is convinced.

The next meeting – in June 2021 – will discuss the issue in detail, Draghi added.

After Matteo Salvini’s Lega Nord left the ruling coalition in September 2019, Italian authorities reopened access to ports to transporters of illegal migrants. The flow of migrants has increased several times. Italian opposition supporters believe that the liberal and populist government was thus carrying out an assignment from Brussels in return for support from bureaucrats. The situation has not changed since Mario Draghi’s « broad » government came to power in February 2021.

The centre-right opposition believes that the people of North Africa and the Middle East should be helped « at home ». The opposition sees the mass and uncontrolled arrival of migrants in Italy as a social, sanitary and political problem. In 2020-2021, the situation has been complicated by the fact that dozens of arriving migrants test positive for the coronavirus but do not comply with mandatory quarantine, raising fears of new outbreaks of the epidemic in Italy.

Locals and local government officials have expressed frustration at the constant new drop-offs and escapes of migrants from reception centres. The Italian authorities complain about the unwillingness of the EU and EU member states to genuinely help Rome to deal with the problem.


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