Italy To Ditch 15M Doses Of COVID-19 Vaccine

According to La Repubblica, Italy is discarding at least 15 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine due to « obsolescence » and expiration, while pharmaceutical companies plan to produce fresh versions of the medication by autumn.

Pharmacies intend to release updated vaccines by the fall and provide « monovalent vaccines rather than bivalent vaccines, » according to Marco Cavaleri, head of the European Medicines Agency’s Department of Health Threats and Vaccination Strategy. Furthermore, he believes that it serves no purpose to take precautions against the original Wuhan type of virus.

Only a few hundred dozes of the COVID-19 vaccine are used daily In Italy. At that, the European Union nations are being compelled by the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to accept an additional 90 million doses of the coronavirus vaccination that are no longer necessary given the amount that is already in stock.


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