Italy To Close All Fur Farms

Italian Senate Budget Committee has voted in favour of amending the law on fur farming to close down fur farms in all regions of the country indefinitely.

Apart from the author of the initiative, Senator Loredana De Petris, this goal has been long and actively sought by local animal welfare organisations, who admit that 10 years ago such a bill would not have been possible in the Apennines.

« This is an important step towards a truly ethical economy, towards a truly civil society, towards the recognition of animals as sentient beings, » comments OIPA president Massimo Comparotto.

An additional argument for the closure of fur farms was that they could prove to be sources of coronavirus spread. Farms that will be forcibly closed will receive compensation of €3 million.

After the approval of the lower house, Italy will officially begin closing the farms. This process is scheduled to be completed by July 2022.

Italy will become the 16th state in the European Union to completely ban the farming of animals for fur.


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