Italy Starts Suspending Health Professionals Without COVID-19 Vaccination

Medical institutions in Italy have started suspending those employees who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus infection, Sky TV channel TG24 reported on 21 June.

An order on compulsory vaccination of health workers has been in force in the country since the beginning of April 2021. It also applies to pharmacy workers. The document provides for the suspension of unvaccinated health workers from work without pay until 31 December 2021.

In addition, if jobs are available, those suspended may be offered activities that do not involve contact with patients.

In Italy, doctors, the elderly and nursing home staff were the first to be vaccinated in January 2021.

The vaccination campaign was based on age, from the oldest to the youngest, an approach that was only abolished at the beginning of June 2021. Mass vaccination is free and voluntary, but the authorities urge fellow citizens to be vaccinated.

By the end of autumn 2021, 80% of the population is expected to be vaccinated. From June, it is allowed to vaccinate citizens over the age of 12. It is being discussed whether to lower the bar further – in the main scenario, to 6 years of age.


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