Italy Quarantines Schools And Universities

Giuseppe Conte, Chairman of the Italian Council of Ministers, said the closure of schools and universities is meant to slow the spread of coronavirus and prevent the overload of the health system.

Italy decided to close all schools and universities in the country from 5 to 15 March due to the threat of the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. This was announced by Italian Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina on Wednesday, March 4.

“It was a difficult decision for us,” the politician said at a press conference in Rome, adding that this measure is a precaution and she hopes that students will be able to return to classes soon. For her part, Italian Deputy Economy Minister Laura Castelli emphasized that she understands the impact of the closure of schools and universities on households and the whole country.

According to Castelli, a regulatory document is being developed in Italy, which allows one of the parents to stay at home in case of school closure in order to look after minor children. As the politician said, she has already discussed this measure with the Italian Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri and other ministers, whose competence includes this issue.

In turn, Italy’s Council of Ministers Chairperson, Giuseppe Conte, explained that the closure of schools and universities is designed to slow the spread of the virus, “because the health system, no matter how effective and beautiful, risks being overloaded,” in particular, in the field of “intensive and sub-intensive care.”

Now Italy is in first place in the European Union and in third place in the world in the number of coronavirus infections. According to data on Wednesday evening, March 4, 3089 cases of COVID-19 were recorded in the country. 107 coronavirus infections in Italy have become fatal. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Italy is now one of the most epidemiologically disadvantaged countries in the world, along with South Korea and Iran.


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