Italy Is Getting Ready for New Anti-Covid Protests

More demonstrations against the tightening of anti-coronavirus controls will take place in Italy’s major cities in the coming days, according to local media outlets.

Rallies are scheduled in particular In Turin and Milan.

As previously reported, protests by those who oppose stricter bans in Naples erupted into large-scale battles with the police on October 24.

As of 26 October, the cumulative number of coronavirus carriers in Italy for the whole epidemic duration was 542 789, taking into account all who had recovered and died. At current, 236,684 people are sick, 14,443 more than the day before, which is the largest number for the whole outbreak.

The number of actually infected (continuously decreasing from late April to early July) began to grow again in early August 2020. Since that time, it has increased almost 20 times. At the same time, the number of deaths was growing much more slowly: doctors associate this with a change in the average age of the infected – now they are almost always middle-aged and young people.

The country’s transport, schools, and businesses (with some exceptions) worked as usual from the beginning of the summer until the second half of October 2020. The authorities started to reintroduce the restrictions later on.

Citizens are expected, without exception, to wear a mask in all public areas, and to follow the sanitary distance law. There are severely limited catering and entertainment establishments. The authorities of the world oppose the prospect of a repeated shutdown of the economy at national level, but the provincial authorities have been granted the freedom to introduce (but not soften) stricter controls. Decisions on tightening have also been made in a variety of regions and towns.


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