Italy Introduces New Restrictions For Unvaccinated

The Italian authorities intend to introduce new restrictions due to the coronavirus, which will affect those who have not been vaccinated, Bloomberg reported citing a source in the government.

He said officials plan to introduce mandatory use of a « green certificate » with a mark of immunity to the coronavirus or a negative test for long-distance air travel, as well as travel on trains and ferries, starting in September.

From Friday, anyone over 12 who wants to dine indoors at a restaurant or café, visit a theatre, a stadium, a museum or go to the gym, will also have to present the certificate.

« Green certificate » can be given to those who have had at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccination, as well as those who have had the coronavirus or have a negative test not older than two days, the agency specifies.

In Italy, more than 60% of residents who have not had a medical exemption have been fully vaccinated, but the country has seen an increase in cases and hospitalizations due to the delta strain, Bloomberg writes. According to Johns Hopkins University, Italy now ranks 11th in the world for the number of people infected with the coronavirus.

The latest peak of incidence in the country was in March, after which the daily increase in infected began to decline. However, since the beginning of July the number of new cases, which are registered every day, has started to increase. On Wednesday, 6,596 new cases were detected in Italy – 15 per cent more than the previous week, Bloomberg notes.


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