Italy Approves Decree On Aid To Citizens And Businesses

A decree giving €17 billion in assistance to residents and domestic enterprises was passed by the Council of Ministers in Italy on Thursday night.

Mario Draghi, the nation’s prime minister, made this announcement.
The new government package includes spending the initially anticipated €15 billion as well as an €2 billion more to implement « additional measures, » according to Draghi, who also noted that the government has set aside €35 billion for this purpose. The new government package’s main goal is to improve the situation in the country caused by a rise in energy prices and high inflation.

He claims that money would also be set aside to reduce growing gasoline prices as well as hikes in gas and electricity bills.

The Italian government will also take steps to lessen the tax burden and boost pensions.

The authorities also offer financial assistance to farmers so they can deal with the effects of the unusual drought that hit Italy this summer.

Minister of Finance and the Economy Daniele Franco announced that the Council of Ministers has authorized 700 million euros to extend the earlier decision to lower excise taxes by 25 cents per liter of gasoline or diesel until September 20.

Additionally, he stated that starting on October 1 the majority of Italian pensions will be indexed early by 2%.


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