Italian Railway Workers Begin Major Strike

The safety of conductors and train drivers is a demand of Italian railroad unions, who are striking on Friday.

Trenitalia, Italo, and Trenord, Italy’s three largest railroad firms, have established « guaranteed » train intervals and posted listings on their websites. Regional connections are equally susceptible to cancellations and delays, not just high-speed trains.

The strike will extend from 9 am to 5 pm local time. Even though the strike is legally finished, schedule modifications could still take place, according to the state-owned enterprise Trenitalia. Passengers are asked to pay close attention to announcements made at railway stops and to updates posted on the website and mobile app.

The rising number of assaults and aggressive behavior problems that train workers must deal with at work is mostly to blame for their unhappiness. An instance of this was a well-known Bologna story from the beginning of August. A female employee who was checking tickets was subjected to harassment by a gang of young men, who also assaulted a coworker that defended her.


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