Impressive Surge: German Car Makers Sell Nearly 600,000 Electric Cars In 2020

The FT estimates that Germany’s largest car companies sold a total of almost 600,000 electric cars in 2020, more than US electric car maker Tesla sold (nearly 500,000).

However, automakers consider both all-electric cars and hybrid cars as electric.

Nevertheless, growth in sales of electric cars in 2020 was impressive: VW sold 212,000 such cars, 158% more than a year earlier. BMW sold 193,000 electric and hybrid cars, 32% more than in 2019.

Daimler’s sales of electric cars tripled during the year to 160,000. For the same year 2020, sales of Tesla, which produces only all-electric cars, amounted to 96,000 units in Europe.

Thus, observers conclude that German automakers alone are already posing serious competition to Tesla in the European market for electric-powered cars. No data on sales of electric cars by other European automakers are available yet.

Experts believe that the significant growth in sales of electric cars by European companies has been spurred by the EU authorities’ stricter requirements to combat CO2 emissions, including in relation to carmakers.


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