Illegal Migrants Start a Riot in Sicily

On Wednesday, October 7, clashes broke out between illegal migrants and law enforcement officers in Agrigento, Italy.

The migrants demanded to be released from the premises specially equipped for quarantine, insisting that all the deadlines had already passed.

The disputes escalated into clashes. As a result, the residents of the migrant reception center ransacked several shops and set a fire, several of them managed to escape from the police.

After Matteo Salvini’s Lega Nord left the ruling coalition in September 2019, the Italian authorities again opened access to ports for carriers of illegal migrants. The flow of migrants has increased several times.

Italian oppositionists believe that in this way the new government of liberals and populists fulfills the task of Brussels in exchange for support from the European bureaucrats.

The center-right opposition believes that helping the inhabitants of North Africa and the Middle East should take place « at their home. » Oppositionists see the mass and uncontrolled arrival of migrants in Italy as a social, sanitary and political problem.

At the moment, the situation is complicated by the fact that dozens of arriving migrants are tested positive for the coronavirus, but do not comply with mandatory quarantine, which raises fears of a repeated outbreak of the epidemic in Italy.

Local residents and local officials have expressed dissatisfaction with the daily new landings (and the increasingly frequent escapes of migrants from reception centers), and the government has started talking about the need to limit migration, at least during the epidemic.


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