Hungary Warms Up To EC, Aims To Receive EU Funds

In an effort to unfreeze access to EU funds, particularly funds for the economic recovery caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Hungary has made concessions to the European Commission (EC).

By November 21st, a separate anti-corruption organization must be established to supervise the use of European funds. Budapest faces enough questions from Brussels about its policies toward immigrants, support for LGBT rights, and general adherence to democratic ideals, but the primary roadblock to the funds was the EC’s criticisms of how the government spent previously allotted money.

According to a Hungarian government decree published in the official gazette, Hungary now plans to establish an anti-corruption commission and a working group with nonprofit organizations to oversee the use of EU funding, notes Reuters.

The legislation to establish an independent anticorruption organization will be presented to parliament by Viktor Orban’s administration by September 30. By November 21st, MPs are expected to adopt the document. A working committee against corruption will also be established on December 1 to provide guidance to authorities. The government will appoint half of the group’s members, and the other members will be NGOs’ representatives.

The decision to make early concessions to the European Commission is probably a result of the forint’s sustained decline and inflation’s ongoing rise.

In addition, the EC will need to decide in September whether to limit Hungary’s funding from EU funds in order to implement the « rule of law mechanism » that was first introduced in April.


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