Huawei: US Sanctions Will Not Interfere with EU 5G Projects Implementation

The Chinese company Huawei will be able to fulfill its obligations on 5G projects in the countries of the European Union, despite the sanctions of the US government. This was announced by the vice-president of the European division of Huawei Abraham Liu.

A Huawei spokesman noted that the tightening of US government sanctions against the Chinese company made it impossible to cooperate with some of its American partners. He assured that this would not prevent Huawei from fulfilling its obligations to customers in the European Union on 5G projects. Liu stressed that the company was able to achieve this through numerous preparatory activities and early investments in advanced technology.

According to experts, Huawei accounts for about one third of telecommunications equipment used in 4G / LTE networks in the EU countries. The Chinese company expected to get about the same share in 5G deployment projects, but under pressure from the US government, some EU countries refused to cooperate with the company.

In October, telecom operators Orange and Proximus announced that they would use the equipment of the Swedish company Nokia to create 5G networks in Belgium.


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