Heathrow Airport Asks Airlines To Stop Selling Summer 2022 Tickets

The operator of London’s Heathrow Airport encouraged airlines to stop offering summer travel packages and set a daily passenger capacity ceiling. According to a statement from the Heathrow administration, the airport can only handle about 100,000 people per day, or roughly half of pre-pandemic volumes, due to the situation and the shortage of manpower to operate planes (in 2018, the airport daily served 219.5 thousand passengers). The limitations are in effect until September 11. Similar actions are being taken by other airports in the UK and several other nations.

The summer vacation season has started, and the passenger aircraft business has not yet had time to recover from the epidemic, when there was a large loss in workforce, creating a particularly challenging situation in recent weeks in the British airports. Long lineups can be seen at airports for services like baggage check-in, services for those with limited mobility, etc. as a result.

The wait period to get luggage can sometimes be days or even weeks, not just a few hours. Travelers must disembark without their luggage and wait for it to get to their destination. While they wait for their turn or to retrieve their bags, some are compelled to remain at the airport and sit or lie on the ground.

source: cnn.com

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