Hague Court Rules Preferences For Ukrainian Refugees Illegal

The Hague Court of Appeal has ruled that the Dutch government’s policy of giving Ukrainian refugees preferential treatment over refugees from other countries is illegal. The court ruled that because all refugees are fleeing war or violence, there should be no distinction made when accepting refugees from other countries, reported Dutch News.

Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands are permitted to stay in the country without seeking asylum and to work as soon as they arrive. The court ruled that all refugees must be treated equally. It is unclear how the Dutch authorities intend to resolve this issue.

In October, the lower Dutch court ruled that the Dutch authorities violated the rules on the reception of refugees. The authorities then appealed and asked for more time to improve conditions for refugees. On 20 December, the appeal court ruled that the appeal was lawful and found that it would not be possible to immediately improve the living conditions of the displaced people due to a number of problems, such as a shortage of housing and beds.

source: dutchnews.nl

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