Germany, Sweden, Denmark To Jointly Investigate Nord Stream Emergency

German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser revealed plans to form a trilateral investigation team with Sweden, Denmark, and Germany to look into assaults on Nord Stream pipelines.

The evidence that is now available supports the claim that there were « acts of sabotage, » Faeser told to Bild am Sonntag.

Germany is « working extremely closely with Denmark and Sweden, » the minister said, to figure out what happened.

Faeser stated, « We want to form a joint investigation team in accordance with EU law, for which all three states will send investigators. Faeser added that Germany is conducting patrols at sea with Poland, Denmark, Sweden, and other countries, with the forces and ships of the German Federal Police participating.

Since late August, the operation of Nord Stream has been suspended because of issues with Siemens turbine maintenance brought on by sanctions against Russia. Nevertheless, the pipeline was still filled with gas.


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