Germany Reports Stressful Situation Due To Influx Of Refugees

Marion Gentges, the minister of justice for the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, claimed that the influx of Ukrainian refugees has put Germany in a « very uncomfortable situation. » Burkhard Jung, Lord Mayor of Leipzig also discussed the challenging circumstances brought on by refugees. According to the publication Die Welt, they requested assistance from the authorities.

Only the state of Baden-Württemberg alone hosted 139,000 Ukrainian refugees, together with 22,000 foreign migrants and 3,000 recipients of humanitarian help. According to Marion Gentges, « We as a country, and especially our local authorities, will continue to face an incredibly stressful position now and in the future due to the continuous high expansion in the number of asylum seekers. »

Among nations not bordering Ukraine where Ukrainians have requested asylum or temporary protection, according to UN monitoring, Germany ranks #1 in terms of the number of Ukrainian refugees. Over a million of Ukrainian nationals remained in Germany as part of the support program. Italy is the country with the second-highest number of refugees (164 thousand people).


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