Germany Allocates $107Bn To Modernise Army

The German government and the conservative party have agreed to spend $107 billion on modernizing the military. The agreement would allow Berlin to meet NATO’s defense GDP target of 2% « on average within a few years. »

After weeks of negotiations, the deal was reached, which includes a constitutional change. A dedicated fund for military purchases is likely to be established.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced the increase in defense spending shortly after Russia’s invasion in Ukraine began on February 27. Increased defense spending, he claims, will safeguard Germany’s independence and democracy.

Germany’s army has shrunk dramatically since the end of the Cold War, from over 500,000 troops in 1990 to around 200,000 now. Less than 30% of German naval warships were « fully operational » in December 2021, according to the State of the Armed Forces report.


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