German Brewers Pour Out Unsold Beer Worth Millions Of Euros

More than 300 breweries in Germany have written an opening letter to the government asking for financial help.

The companies said they have had to destroy and pour out « huge stocks of beer » worth millions of euros because they have failed to sell them and their shelf life has expired.

Demand for beer in Germany has fallen because of the quarantine: the country’s second lockdown has lasted since November. Bars, pubs, hotels and restaurants in the country are closed.

Brewers have had to pick up the merchandise, which has been rejected by wholesale partners. In addition, a second distribution channel – festivals and other events – has also become unavailable. Stale goods spoiled and storage facilities became full.

The government has allocated money to pubs and bars as part of support programmes, but breweries have not been included in the list of recipients. Because of this, about 1,500 beer producers – mostly medium-sized and family-owned businesses – have been left without assistance and risk closure, the letter said.

The businesses stressed that bottled beer sales were « nowhere near » enough to make up for lost revenues in entertainment and leisure and lower exports, the brewers stressed.


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