FT: US Provided Intelligence On Threat Of Attack On Ukraine To EU

The United States has provided the European Union with unusually broad data on the threat of an attack on Ukraine by Russia, the Financial Times has found out. According to the newspaper, this has translated the discussion on the possibility of an invasion into a discussion on deterring Russian aggression.

The US has managed to convince its allies in the EU to deter possible Russian aggression against Ukraine by providing them with an unusually wide range of intelligence on military preparations, the Financial Times reported, citing sources.

They said Washington had provided an uncharacteristic and unusually broad amount of intelligence in early November, ahead of a meeting of NATO ministers. Before the data was provided, a number of EU countries doubted the credibility of the US warning of a possible Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory, but the information provided, including the concentration of military equipment and forces in close proximity to the border with Ukraine, managed to change the mood.

According to the FT, while EU countries had previously suggested dialogue with Moscow and believed that Russia would not attack Ukraine if it was not provoked, after receiving more data, the conversation was no longer about the credibility of the US assessment of the threat of invasion, but about what measures should be taken to deter aggression.

In early November, Bloomberg reported that Washington had warned Brussels of a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Washington Post and FT also reported on the military buildup at the Russian-Ukrainian border and possible aggression.

source: ft.com

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