FT: EU Demands Participation In US-NATO Talks With Russia

The EU has asked that its officials attend US and NATO talks with Russia on the situation in Ukraine and security assurances. The Financial Times (FT) reported this, citing senior EU officials.

In an interview with the newspaper, EU officials expressed dissatisfaction with the way the discussions in Geneva and Brussels were managed. On the 10th of January, talks between the US and Russia will take place in Geneva, and on the 12th of January, talks between Russia and the US-led North Atlantic alliance will take place in Brussels. The parties want to talk on Ukraine’s security as well as the security of the entire European continent. While US officials have maintained regular communication with Brussels and individual EU member states, Washington has not pushed to alter the format of the discussions proposed by Moscow.

EU foreign policy head Josep Borrell said on Tuesday that Brussels « cannot be a neutral observer in the debates » on Europe’s future security architecture as he began a three-day visit to Ukraine. Officials from the EU stated that the 27 EU countries have yet to reach an agreement on a statement on NATO cooperation.

While the EU’s participation in the discussions has been neglected, members of the EU are seeking bilateral connections with Russia. Germany and France have stepped up diplomatic efforts, with Jens Plötner, the new foreign policy assistant to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and Emmanuel Bonne, his French counterpart, visiting Moscow this week for meetings with senior Russian officials. This week, they will meet with Ukrainian authorities for separate negotiations.

source: ft.com

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