FT: EU Authorities May Pay €600m To Afghanistan’s Neighbours To Prevent Influx Of Migrants

European authorities are preparing an offer to Afghanistan’s neighbours: €600m of financial aid in exchange for them hosting migrants fleeing Afghanistan. The Financial Times (FT) reported this, citing officials in Brussels.

Many European countries have expressed concern that the Taliban’s rise to power in Afghanistan could trigger a crisis similar to the one seen in Europe in 2015, when hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria flooded into EU countries. At the time, the EU offered payments to Turkey to keep the illegal migrants in its territory and prevent them from entering Europe.

Now, according to the newspaper, EU authorities are ready to offer financial assistance to Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and even Iran, despite being under international sanctions.

EU interior ministers held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of US troops from there. Following the meeting, the ministers from Austria, Denmark and the Czech Republic said that « the most important thing now is to send the right message to the region: stay there – and we will support the region to help people.

source: ft.com

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