FT: Brussels Says It Will Participate In WTO Proceedings Over Ukraine’s Claims

Brussels has disclosed that it is considering representing Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland in WTO proceedings involving Ukraine’s legal challenges to the import restriction on grain.

The Financial Times, referring to a copy of the paper, quoted Brussels’ formal request to the three nations: « In accordance with EU law, [the EC] will participate in these WTO proceedings initiated against Member States. »

According to the newspaper, the European Commission initially asked that Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia ease their national import restrictions on Ukrainian agricultural products, but is now attempting to « coordinate legal actions » in preparation for a potential response to Kiev’s WTO case.

The communication from the executive body of the community stated that « the EC’s next step will be to respond to Ukraine’s requests for consultations on behalf of all three states. »

On September 15, the European Commission declined to prolong the ban on grain imports from Ukraine. In light of this, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland decided to prolong their ban on the imports of Ukrainian agricultural goods. Kiev responded by bringing WTO litigation against the three nations.

source: ft.com

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