French Sanofi To Supply 300M COVID-19 Vaccine Doses to EU

The French pharmaceutical company Sanofi is close to concluding an agreement with the EU on the supply of 300 million doses of a potential vaccine against the coronavirus COVID-19, the French television channel BFM-TV reports.

According to Sanofi President Olivier Bogillot, coordination of all aspects related to this agreement can be completed « in the coming days or weeks ».

He added that the company is in talks with other countries, including the United States and Britain, on the vaccine issues. « Our goal is to work together with other countries so that this vaccine is sent to everyone at the same time, » said the head of the company.

Sanofi has two vaccines based on two different technologies. Clinical trials of the vaccine negotiated with the EU are due in September. It is expected to become available in early 2021. The company says it will produce up to a billion doses per year.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 150 coronavirus vaccines are being developed in the world.


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