French Foreign Ministry: There Are No Plans To Close EU Borders Because Of Omicron Strain

Because of the new Omicron strain, there are no plans to close all EU borders, said Clément Beaune, secretary of state at the French Foreign Ministry.

« We’ll have to wait and watch how things play out, but in Europe, we’ve never totally closed borders because it’s our home, not just for tourists, but also for workers… As a result, we will not close European borders. The health permit and expedited vaccination are our weapons, and those unvaccinated will be required to have a PCR test to travel », noted Beaune, who spoke to France Inter radio.

Following an emergency meeting on Friday, the World Health Organization agreed to identify a novel coronavirus type found in South Africa as a cause for worry.

In Botswana, UK scientists had previously warned about a coronavirus variant with 32 mutations. The strain has more modifications in the spike protein than any other COVID-19 variations, indicating that it is highly transmissible and resistant to vaccinations. The South African National Institute of Infectious Diseases later verified that the novel strain had been discovered in the country, with 22 cases reported thus far.


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